Guidelines for Online Worship

Guidelines for Online Worship

Dear Friends,

To join the Meeting for Worship at 10:30 Sunday mornings, quiet yourself and your surroundings and enter the Zoom meeting as you would enter the Meeting for Worship at the meetinghouse – quietly. If you join after meeting for worship has begun, simply enter quietly. The host will automatically mute everyone who enters, but should that not happen for some reason, please mute yourself by clicking the button on the bottom left of the screen that looks like a microphone or right click on your own image for a menu showing “mute” as a choice. Should you be moved to speak, you can un-mute yourself there.  Turning your camera on or leaving it off is a personal choice, but we love to see each others’ faces especially at the rise of meeting (the end of the quiet worshipful time).

We will center into worship as we do when we are physically together. Should you be led to speak, un-mute yourself, speak, then return to mute. If you must move around, eat, or drink, please turn off your camera.  We love having children attend meeting, and their activity is expected, as are the activities of their caregivers.

The Meeting for Worship will close with the moderator greeting us. At the rise of worship, we’ll take some time for introductions of everyone, led by the moderator, followed by sharing of requests for prayer, joys, announcements. The moderator will end the social time after everyone has had a chance to speak, when the Zoom connection, but not our connection with each other and the Spirit, will end.

We look forward to being with you, for it is through worship that we find the Power together that guides us through difficult times while staying in touch with joy.