Tallahassee Friends Meeting
welcoming GLBT


Welcoming Gay and Lesbian Individuals and Families
Approved at Meeting for Business, 8 October, 1995
Tallahassee Monthly Meeting
Of the Religious Society of Friends

Tallahassee Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends affirms our fundamental understanding that there is that of God within every person. Recognizing the power and presence of the Inner Light in all people, we welcome all individuals regardless of age, race, differing abilities, gender identity, and sexual orientation to join us in our collective search for God's will.

We believe that committed and loving relationships can provide immense personal and spiritual support to our individual members and thereby contribute to the sustenance of the Meeting itself. Finding ways to strengthen our love for each other individually and collectively is the key to living Jesus' message of love. Following traditional Friends practice of supporting committed relationships through the ceremony of marriage; we encourage all Friends who wish to express their commitment to each other to make a formal request to Meeting for a committee on Clearness for Marriage regardless of sexual orientation. In accordance with Quaker process, the committee may recommend a marriage under the care of the Meeting.

We recognize that historical patterns of discrimination exist with regard to same-sex marriages by denying: insurance benefits to partners, legal custody of children, and rights of inheritance. We affirm that the Oversight Committee will work with such couples to seek protection for the relationship by bearing witness to the sanctity of their marriage commitments and pursuing whatever legal safeguards are available



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